Designer Wear: Is It Worth The Exorbitant Price Tag?

Ever wondered what makes the price of a regular cotton shirt almost double your monthly rent? Yes, we all have. At some point in our lives, we have all been drawn to something we see at a store, walked up to it, checked the price tag and thought to ourselves, “Why on earth is this so expensive?”.

This has continued to be one of the most controversial topics of discussion due to differences in opinion of various groups of people. Whilst some argue for it, others strongly disagree. Below are some reasons why a single, limited-edition designer dress might cost several hundred bucks more than one at a girls boutique clothing store selling hundreds.

High Raw Material Costs and Limited Production

Those who strongly oppose to paying eye-watering prices for a merchandise debate that raw materials used for manufacturing designer wear is almost and in most cases the same as what is used for fast fashion. Such statements need to be taken with a pinch of salt as most high-end labels and designer wear use world’s finest, high-quality raw materials. Another reason for charging outrageous prices could be the fact that designer wear is manufactured in limited quantities. In extreme cases, this could even be limited to one piece per design. Creating such exclusivity ensures there is only one such outfit in the world. This puts the designers at a comfortable place to charge prices that are through the roof. If you are interested about lucky boy sunday sale you can visit this website

Heavy Marketing Expenditure

Further to creating exceptional designer wear, a lot of money needs to be invested in showcasing the designs to the target audience. One of the most common and extremely effective marketing techniques used in the fashion industry is hosting a fashion show with the latest collection of a clothing line. However, the downside to this is the costs involved in sourcing models who now charge huge figures just to even have their photo taken.

Status Symbol than a mere Outfit

This ‘limited edition’ fad is spreading far and wide across the globe influencing not just adult clothing but even new-borns who have absolutely no idea what they are wearing! Outlets selling exclusive, designer baby clothes Australia has grown immensely in the recent past. Like the famous saying goes, ‘When you purchase an Apple iPhone, you are not just purchasing a smartphone…you’re buying a status symbol’. The same concept applies to designer wear. If you are agreeing to spend a thumping sum of money for a designer outfit, you’re not only wearing a designer label, but you are also making a statement to the world that you can afford it. One of the key reasons for the existence and continuous success of high-end brands and their ability to charge high prices for their clothing is the very fact that there is a growing market for it.